Abundance & The Science of Getting Rich


According to the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Walllace D Wattles, the Law of Attraction (LOA) serves as the foundation of the Law of Vibration, which is one of the 7 subsidiary laws, of the one Great law: “Energy Is”

The Law of Attraction will deliver exactly what you want and just as quickly give you exactly what you don’t want.  It is part of the natural law that ‘like’ causes create ‘like’ effects, so like attracts like.

We all want to attract more positive things in our lives, primarily abundance.  But the abundance of what? Once you decide what it is that you want, you’ll start creating some order in what it is that you want to attract using the Law of Attraction.

Do you want:

  • Abundance of wealth
  • Abundance of love
  • Abundance of health

When a person invokes the law of attraction, two things happen simultaneously: a person fixes his thoughts and energies on specific thoughts and desires and as he does this, he attracts the things that desires.

You can have it all once you understand how the laws work, and follow the guidance given to us.  Wallace D Wattles spent most of his life studying some of the richest men in the world to understand how they grew their wealth and narrowed it down to being an exact science.

We cannot reach our soul’s  development and our full potential unless we have the financial resources to do so.  We need a lot of things to develop our talents and we can’t have them unless we have the money to buy them with.  This might sound outrageous, but after 30 years of researching the world’s most successful and richest people, Wallace D. Wattles discovered that this isn’t something we should just dream about, it’s something we must have.
We have a RIGHT TO BE RICH. Today, I want you to claim that right.  Make that your affirmation: “I have a right to be rich.” It’s time for us to start living our best lives now. Doing what we’ve always wanted to, and living out our dream lives.  We’ve been given an opportunity this year to take check, to analyse where our priorities have been sitting.  It’s been a reminder that life is too short, to not be doing what we’ve dreamed of.  It’s our time to collectively rise up against the negativity, create a positive space and start attracting amazing things into our lives.  We are going raise our vibration, and it starts here, the Law of Attraction started working the moment you came onto this website. You know what you want, and you’re on your path to getting it.

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