Relax and Reboot Your Body & Soul

Sometimes we all need a little recharging. When we’ve been pushing too hard beyond our usual limits. We need to slow down, relax and reboot.

One of the best way for women to do this is by doing a little bit of “me time”.   I like to call this Goddess time because who doesn’t want to feel like a Goddess instead of feeling stressed and dysfunctional?

So here are a few suggestions for your Goddess time to help you to recharge your soul:

  1. Light a candle, burn some sage or some Palo Santo to cleanse your space
  2. Put on some uplifting music
  3. Turn on your essential oils diffuser and set an intention – this can be to bring calm to your  life (in which case I would use an oil like Frankincense or Lavender
  4. Draw a hot bath and put some Epson Salts, essential oils and rose petals in it and just soak!
  5. Take out your favourite crystals and put them in or around your bath and breathe in your calm and clarity
  6. Ask that your higher power give you the energy and recharge that you need to bring things back into balance.
  7. Remind yourself that everything is going to be okay.  You are worthy, you are deserving of this, and feel some good feelings…
  8. Start to think about everything that is amazing in your life and then focus on 3 things that you truly appreciate or care about.  Amplify that feeling, and be thankful that you have it!
  9. Eat a nice healthy meal or a grab a smoothie
  10. Sit by the ocean, forest, tree, park anywhere and just take it all in, meditate, say a prayer, just appreciate everything for what it is. Breathe in the fresh air and fill your lungs with fresh energy.

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