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The law of attraction is one of life’s greatest wonders. It works around us every day and can have a life-changing impact. If used correctly it can help you to start manifesting everything you want in your life.

Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.

So, what is the law of attraction?

It’s one of the most powerful laws in the universe, but don’t let that intimidate you.

 Everyone can apply the law of attraction to their life using simple principles. Once you learn and apply the principles of manifestation, visualisation, and affirmations, you will see exciting changes to your outlook on life.


Ask the universe for you to want and be prepared to get it. Be clear & concise - you need to know what you want before you ask.


Every level of your subconscious mind needs to believe that you will get what you ask for.


Hold the thought of what you want in your mind. Feel that you have already received it.


You can change your frequency by changing your thoughts.

Expect good things

An easy way to connect with your desires is by creating expectations.  When you expect positive outcomes then your brain has no choice but to remove the negative thoughts and focus on the positive ones.  Instead of worrying about having a bad day, set an expectation of having a fabulous day.  This will shift the focus onto the good things that will happen and help you to look for the good rather than the bad.

MANIFESTATION & visualisation

Visualisation is a very effective part of the manifestation and attraction process.  Visualising is not just imagining, but it is a type of ‘active creation’.  When you visualise you are changing the frequencies around you and these frequencies will come back to you via the law of attraction.  

Manifestation and visualisation are a vital part of success when using the law of attraction. When visualising, work to create a picture of you living the lifestyle you want in your mind.  Everything that you currently have in your life were all likely brought to you in part or entirely by manifestation and visualisation, whether you knew it or not. There are some great visualisation tools that can help you to strategically visualise what you want. Start transforming your positive, thoughtful energy into matter today.


Affirmations can be used both verbally or visually to transform thoughts into reality. Once you adopt affirmations as a daily habit, you will notice a change in your core values which have the power to hold you back from your goals or propel you into success.  Affirmations help to change your subconscious beliefs and reprogram your thinking.


Thankfulness or the practice of gratitude can help to shift your perspective in life. If you feel that your life has been going in circles these past few years, gratitude will change all that. Thankfulness helps you to redefine your view of what is happening in your life. Using a daily gratitude journal is a great way to redefine your view of what is happening in your life and affirm on paper what you know to be true.


The possibilities are endless...

The law of attraction is one of the 12 universal laws.  It is the secret to attracting your desires and manifesting the things that you want into reality.  Using the law of attraction is the doorway to getting the things that you most want in life. It helps people attain exciting desires every single day, such as:

– Your dream home
–  The perfect spouse
– Financial abundance
– Mental and physical health

Manifest your best live

In our next episode we’ll chat about manifesting our best lives! Stay tuned!

start a gratitude journal

Learn about the benefits of starting a gratitude journal. We’ll chat about this in our next episode.

raise your vibration


We offer unique products to help you clear negative energy and stay focused on attracting positive outcomes. Use our essential oils or beautiful pendants to elevate your experience with the law of attraction. Raise your vibration and uplift your soul.

like attracts like

The law of attraction says that like attracts like. This means that when you focus your energy on specific thoughts, more similar thoughts are going to follow. Practicing the law of attraction can begin with small lifestyle changes and is a never-ending journey. Individuals who practice the law of attraction can always grow and incorporate new knowledge into their lifestyles. 


We teach the law of attraction to beginners and experts alike who wish to expand their knowledge about the practice. Learn from experts who have been practicing the law of attraction for years with great success.


Our podcasts are a great educational tool to listen to and learn on your own time. Podcasts are an entertaining and on-the-go tool that can help you sharpen your skills.


Save money by purchasing our services through bundles. Bundle options allow you to get multiple services as you learn and work on your manifestation, visualisation, and affirmations habits.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, the law of attraction works, and it never rests in the universe around us, and it exists just the same as other laws of physics. The law is mentioned in many ancient teachings, including the philosophies of Buddha. Although it was not always called the law of attraction, practices of visualisation, affirmations,  and manifestation have existed for a long time. 

No, the law of attraction has no limits. You can attract anything you desire within the mortal world. Manifest your dream life by being mindful of each thought and feeling.

There is no wrong way to use the law of attraction. However, you should always be mindful that both positive and negative thoughts cause reactions. That means that negative thoughts will attract negative consequences. 

You may see instant success when it comes to manifestation, visualisation, and affirmations. As long as you remain committed to practicing these daily habits, you will have positive results. Continue working towards attracting amazing things every day to flourish with success!

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