Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success

When I first moved to Australia almost 13 years ago I was living in Bondi Beach (literally across from the beach) and got hired for a digital marketing role the next train stop away in Edgecliff.  As I had an iPod back then and had recently discovered Bob Proctor’s program Six Minutes to Success and downloaded it. So every day, on my short commute (the longest part being from one end of the beach to the next), I started listening to his program daily.

Bob talks a lot about paradigms.  It took me a long time to get my head around what a Paradigm actually was, so I would need to listen to it over and over again.

What I didn’t realise was listening to this short program was slowly changing my way of thinking and I began slowly shifting these paradigms.  By the time my 3rd month rolled around,  I remember sitting at my probation meeting, listening to the manager speak to me. I waited until he said what he had to say, and I bluntly said. “I’m sorry, but I’m giving my notice.”  I could not sit another minute in that uninspiring office in exchange for my daily beach walks on Bondi.

I had decided that I would take the risk and give up my secure job and launch my own business.  That employer actually became my first long-term and permanent client – they didn’t want to lose me and they knew that my mind was made up.

Six Minutes to Success was part of my story for creating the lifestyle that I wanted. It helped me to shift my beliefs, and create new ones. I still run that business today, helping people build their online businesses so that they too can work from home!

The Six Minutes to Success program is perfect for someone with limited time but who is motivated to make some real changes to their life.

Bob Proctor is offering this free mini course  that I think will definitely a great start to your journey. Check it out here 

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