Source Energy Radio was created and founded by Tre Black along with his Co Creator and life partner, Lisa in May 2009.  Tre came from a radio career of more than 30 years and used his talent to produce high quality audio shows and other audio material to share with our listeners.

For the last five years of Tre’s life, he practiced the Law of Attraction principals on a daily basis, sharing his knowledge and audio library with friends and family.  Tre was a radio personality in many major cities in the United States.  In 2009 Tre left on-air radio to concentrate on SourceEnergyRadio with his dream to bring the awareness of the Law of Attraction into mainstream radio. is the worlds first internet radio station dedicated solely to the Law of Attraction, providing free Conference Calls,  Workshops, audio and visual material to help those attracting this information.

Lis moved to Australia with her Mother and siblings as a teenager from her native New Zealand. From her previous marriage of 18 years, she has two amazing young souls to call her own, Jay and Codey.

When Lisa’s marriage was over, she took a break and headed to New York for a 10 day holiday, not realizing at the time that this would be the beginning of something magical and life transforming. Tre and Lis met in 2006 at Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York. Some months later became friends and Tre introduced Lis to the Law of Attraction through Abraham-Hicks material.

In 2008 she had basically packed up and left Australia to be with Tre and last year in May 2009, was created. Lis also completed her Reiki I and II and practices both Reiki and healing massage for family and friends. Lis realized that when Tre passed in March 2010, it was her mission to continue Tre’s dream, bringing the awareness of the Law of Attraction to the masses through his baby,